In the wake of Brooklyn Nine Nine getting cancelled, there’s a lot of debate about how other, way crappier shows haven’t gotten the axe. Here’s the ones that should.

1. The Big Bang Theory

Nerds are cool nowadays. Unfortunately, this show didn’t just take nerds back 50 years, it also proved that the opposite of happiness isn’t sadness, it’s sitting through an episode of this trash.


2. Suits

A sharp and refined legal drama at its inception, this show has now turned into an overly complex and pointlessly personal soap opera.


3. Grey’s Anatomy

Another victim of time, this show is in its 13th (?) season, most of the major characters are dead, and it feels like it’s just running on fumes. End it!


4. Arrow

The first season was pretty solid, but not it’s devolved into a puddle of superhero tropes and horribly written characters.


5. The Flash

Apart from looking like they’re really skimping on budget, the plotlines in this show have also turned into a whiny romantic mess, rather than a fun superhero series.


6. Lethal Weapon

This is a show that should never have been made in the first place. But they did, and as expected, the show is dull, repetetive and brings nothing new to the table.


7. The Simpsons

Quit while the goings good. For some reasons, this hasn’t applied to the yellow folks at Springfield, even though it’s been far too long since they’ve been funny or relevant.


8. South Park

Pretty much the same argument as the one above. Our juvenile nostalgia notwithstanding, it’s high time Kyle and the gang packed up. Poop jokes just aren’t as funny anymore.


9. Lucifer

For some reason, this over-the-top show keeps getting renewed. The worst part is, it doesn’t even do over-the-top right! It’s predictable, cheesy and just plain bad.


10. Supernatural

This show was supposed to end after its pre-planned conclusion with the 5th season. But ratings and mass following has led to it being produced for another 8 seasons, and a complete dilution of its quality.


11. Modern Family

A great show past its prime. Modern Family changed the game when it started, but it’s been a while, and Gloria’s accent just isn’t as amusing anymore.


12. Once Upon A Time

Starting off with a promising premise, this show has ended up asking more question than it can answer, apart from becoming drearily repetetive. Get off the air, yo.


13. Santa Clarita Diet

Another show that had so much potential, only to flush it right down the shitter. Zombie antic can be fun, but not when you can see them coming a mile away.


14. Dynasty

Most soap operas are consistently bad, and this one is no different. It’s pointless, over-the-top and plain boring.


15. Fuller House

The Tanners grew up, so did we, and everybody realised that the sickly sweet premise of Full House has no place in the adult world. Unfortunately, they made this show anyway.


Another season? *Groan*