The TV shows of today often make us question the sanity of both, the creators and the viewers. Which is also why a lot us gravitate towards web series and OTT platforms, where the content is fresh, unique, and most importantly, not dragged unnecessarily. 

Yeh Meri Family TV show
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However, there was a time when even TV meant good content. There were shows that had us glued to the TV screen, at a fixed time every week. 

Hip Hip Hurray
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And Twitter user Rhea Srivastava started a thread that brought up a unique concept - old Indian TV shows that would have worked great in the web series format. And we're completely on board. 

Here are the thirty shows she listed in her Twitter thread: 

1. Rishtey: originally aired on Zee TV

An anthology that presented stories on different human relationships, this was a series that managed to touch a chord with the audience because of how realistic the stories usually were. 

Rishtey poster
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2. Bhanwar: originally aired on Sony TV

This docudrama was based on landmark judgements by the Indian judicial system. It would have definitely been interesting to see a cinematic adaptation of some of the recent landmark judgements passed by the Indian judicial system. 

Bhanwar show
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3. Special Squad: originally aired on Star One

This crime drama focused on Mumbai Police's fictional elite investigative arm and was famous for relying on character-driven, gritty, but not overly dramatic stories. 

Special Squad show
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4. Ghar Jamai: originally aired on Zee TV

Starring our favourite 90s crushes, R. Madhavan and Mandira Bedi, along with the king of TV comedy, Satish Shah, this sitcom was a humorous take on the relationship between a father-in-law and son-in-law. 

Ghar Jamai Show
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5. Zee Horror Show: originally aired on Zee TV

Easily one of the most popular 90s series, the initial 24-episode anthology of horror stories starred some of the most popular stars of the time with stories that were sufficiently spooky. 

Archana Puran Singh Horror Shows
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6. Hotel Kingston: originally aired on Star One

A romantic drama where the lead couple ran a hotel together, Hotel Kingston was a desi take on the classic Mills & Boon plotlines - of two people who are initially at loggerheads, but ultimately, fall in love. 

Hotel Kingston poster
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7. Ji Mantriji: originally aired on Star TV

The Indian adaptation of the British series Yes Minister, Ji Mantriji had the kind of humorous political commentary that may get it banned on TV today - which is exactly what would make it perfect for web series. 

Ji Mantriji
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8. Star Bestsellers: originally aired on Star Plus.

Star Bestsellers was also an anthology of short stories on a wide range of topics like old-age, loneliness, infidelity, and others. It starred some of the most popular actors to date. 

Star Bestsellers
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9. Hip Hip Hurray: originally aired on Zee TV

Easily one of the most relatable and loved school shows to ever air on Indian TV, Hip Hip Hurray chronicled the life, struggles, adventures, and achievements of 12th standard students of DeNobili High School. Not to forget its iconic ensemble starcast. 

Hip Hip Hurray show
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10. Just Mohabbat: originally aired on Sony TV

If you don't immediately start humming the theme music to Just Mohabbat, then were you even a 90s kid? The growing-up journey of a young boy, Just Mohabbat is an iconic show that we just can't forget. 

Just Mohabbat show
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11. Fauji: originally aired on DD National. 

The show that first showcased SRK's enviable charm, Fauji chronicled the story of a young soldier's training as part of Indian Army commando regiment. 

Fauji SRK
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12. Karamchand: originally aired on DD National

Admittedly one of the coolest fictional Indian detectives ever, Karamchand starred Pankaj Kapur in the lead role and was equally entertaining and intriguing. 

Karamchand poster
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13. Left Right Left: originally aired on SAB TV.

In its first season, Left Right Left - that showed the story of six soldiers in training - had an interesting back story, well-developed characters, and an exciting show theme. 

Left Right Left poster
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14. Teri Meri Love Stories: originally aired on Star Plus

An anthology of love stories, this 16-episodes series presented diverse, engaging, and naturally, romantic stories. 

teri meri love stories
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15. Madhubala: originally aired on Colors

Yes, it was dramatic - but then again, it was meant to be an 'ode to Bollywood'. The story revolved around a young girl, a superstar, and their journey from enemies to lovers. 

Madhubala poster
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16. Gumrah: originally aired on Channel V

When it first aired, this crime series presented incidents that truly managed to shock us, even if they felt overly dramatized at times. 

Gumrah show
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17. Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha: originally aired on Colors

A love story between a widowed mother and reporter, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha was a romantic drama starring Kunal Karan Kapoor and Aakanksha Singh in lead roles.

Show poster
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18. RK Laxman Ki Duniya: originall aired on SAB TV

Based on the works of famous Indian cartoonist R.K. Laxman, this comedy show presented the 'common man's' observations of the society around him. 

RK Laxman Ki Dunia
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19. Khotey Sikkey: originall aired on Sony TV

This was a crime series that showed how an unlikely group of five youngsters, with one cop, went around solving criminal cases in Mumbai. 

Khotey Sikkey poster
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20. Kuch Toh Log Kahenge: originally aired on Sony TV

Inspired by the Pakistani drama Dhoop Kinare, Kuch Toh Log Kahenge showed the love story between two doctors, with a considerable age difference between them. 

Show poster
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21. Mukti Bandhan: originally aired on Colors

Adapted from Harkisan Mehta's novel of the same name, the show was a family drama that showed a family's rise in business and the challenges that came with it. 

Mukti Bhawan wallpaper
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22. Sasural Genda Phool: originally aired on Star Plus

When the show first started, it actually came up with a comparatively different story - the struggles a girl from a high-income family faced in a middle-class household after marriage. It did become a dramatic soap opera at a later stage, but the original concept was definitely worth exploring. 

Sasuraal Genda Phool
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23. originally aired on SonyTV

The show presented the story of friends and business partners running a matrimonial site together and focused on their professional challenges and personal issues.
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24. Powder: originally aired on Sony TV

With an amazing starcast, and an even more gripping storyline, Powder is a show that did not capture audience's interest when it first aired, but that has now become a crowd favourite - ever since it became available online. 

Powder show
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25. Mahi Way: originally aired on Sony TV

This comedy-drama focused on the life of a young girl, who, while battling society's beauty standards, ends up falling in funny but tricky situations. 

Mahi Way poster
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26. Seven: originally aired on Sony TV

A supernatural TV series, Seven presented the story of seven descendants of the Saptarishi, and their journey of discovering their true powers. 

poster seven
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27. Ladies Special: originally aired on Sony TV

This was a refreshing story about four female friends - from different walks of life - who regularly meet on the Mumbai local.

Ladies Special stories
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28. Bhaskar Bharti: originally aired on Sony TV

A womanizer turns into a woman when an ex-girlfriend's curse turns true. The challenges he faces as a woman are what make this humorous drama. 

bhaskar bharti show
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29. Guns and Roses: originally aired on Star One

Guns and Roses showed the story of a woman bent on seeking revenge for the murder of her child and husband. 

Neeru Bajwa Guns and Roses
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30. Detective Omkar Nath: originally aired on Star One

This amusing detective series starred Parmeet Seethi as undoubtedly one of TV history's 'friendliest' detective. 

D.O.N TV Series
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Are there any shows that you'd wish to add? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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