She’s funny and outspoken and with the success of columns and book, Mrs. Funnybones has managed to impress everyone around. But looks like there’s still a certain someone who isn’t quite the Twinkle Khanna fan. We’re talking about her son Aarav, the black belt holder in Kudo, who’s funny interactions with his mother are well documented in her columns. 

We’ve all seen Twinkle unleash her funny side, especially when she is talking about her family. She’s quite a badass there but looks like, her son is even better! And he’s proved it, yet again! 

To give you the context, Aarav, like any other 9th grader was supposed to go for his maths tuition, for which he was running late. As a result of which, his tutor inquired about the same, on the class Whatsapp group. Twinkle jumped into the conversation and before she knew, Aarav schooled her and gave us a glimpse of the playful relationship that the mother and son share!

Here’s the conversation:


While we thought that celebrities and their kids are unlike any of us, this conversation proves how this mother-son duo is like every other around. 

Just, funnier than most of us!