On Tuesday, actress-turned-writer Twinkle Khanna shared a picture of hers on social media platform from her latest photoshoot for Vogue. 

If we notice the photo carefully, Twinkle could be seen posing for it while sitting on a pile of books with her foot on a stool. 

Her post, however was mistaken by trolls for keeping her foot on books. 

Here’s how she was slammed:

Hours after being trolled for her photo, Twinkle then gave back a fitting reply to all.

She even re-posted the picture and wrote a few lines for the ‘easily outraged’

“P.S For the easily outraged : My foot is on a stool and not a book because I don’t want to get dust on the cover– aside from that I have no qualms with sitting on books, sleeping next to them or even keeping a pile in the bathroom to read regularly-The God of Wisdom visits you when you read books not worship them – Love and laughter from this bookworm.”

(Feature Image Source: Instagram/Twinkle Khanna)