Vogue recently held their first edition of Women of the Year awards where Twinkle Khanna won the ‘Vogue Opinion Maker of the Year’ award. 


She followed up her big win with a perfect sarcastic laden thank you speech. Mrs Funnybones doled out some life gyaan at us and honestly, these can come in pretty handy when you are dealing with life. 

From dad jokes to botox, Twinkle Khanna dished out her life learnings and we handpicked the best for you. Here goes: 

On women fasting for their husbands. Can you argue with that logic?

No GST on sanitary pads, period!

Her take on Indian dads is pretty spot on. 

On women turning their ‘aprons’ into capes. 

Learn to just LET IT GO!

We all know Twinkle writes Akshay’s acceptance speeches, but her own acceptance speech takes the cake away.

You can watch her entire acceptance speech here.