Twinkle Khanna’s wit is a class apart. Pretty active on social media, she leaves no chance of making us laugh with her quirky responses and comebacks.

Although she is almost always funny, here’s a few instances that stand out.

1. When she shared a meme about her and Akshay Kumar with the coolest caption ever.

She wrote: “How do you know if you are a bonafide star? When you become part of a famous meme.” and added the hashtag #LittleStarProtestsAgainstSizeDiscrimination to her post.

2. When she responded to Taher Shah’s tweet comparing love to holding a candle and wondered if she should use the analogy on candle packaging as a warning.

3. When she shut down trolls who shared morphed pictures of her, like a boss.

The trolls posted a picture of her with blue skin and red bindi to make it look similar to Akshay Kumar’s movie, Laxmii, poster.

4. When PM Modi spoke about Twinkle venting all her anger on him via Twitter in an interview with Akshay Kumar, she took the comment rather positively.

Akshay Kumar asked him if he actively follows people and their conversations on Twitter, to which PM Modi replied:

Main aapka bhi Twitter dekhta hoon aur Twinkle Khanna ji ka Twitter dekhta hoon. Kabhi Kabhi toh mujhe lagta hai ki vo mere upar gussa nikaalti hai Twitter pe, toh uske kaaran aapke parivaarik jeevan mein badi shaanti rehti hogi. Unka pura gussa mujpe nikal jaata hoga, isliye aapko araam rehta hoga. Toh is prakaar se main aapke kaam aaya hoon.

Responding to the comment, she expressed pleasure that the PM of India was not oblivious to her existence.


5. When she shared a hilarious old review of her film Baadshah praising her for her naval.

The review praised Shah Rukh Khan for his performance in and Twinkle Khanna for her navel in Baadshah further mentioning that it was in ‘full view right through the film’.

6. When she fearlessly shut trolls who targeted her for poking fun at Salman Khan’s much discussed bachelorhood in a column for TOI.

7. When she came with a quick and witty reply to Akshay’s comment on her cooking skills.

Once a fan asked them who was the best cook in the house in an online question and answer session. Before Twinkle could even begin speaking, Akshay replied, “I don’t think you even have to say it. It’s me. She can’t even make an omelette.” 

She was ready with a witty comeback:

He knows how to fry my brains and boil my blood.

8. When she shared a pic of a truck having a poster from her film Mela and unleashed her quirky self.

9. When she accused Akshay of robbing her pretty masks while responding to one of his tweets about following the safe normal during the pandemic.

10. When she joked about her name ‘Twinkle’ on a fan’s suggestion for a cute name for her.

11. When she made a sarcastic comment on the festival of Karva Chauth and shut trolls with her well-researched reply.

We all knew that her tweet was sarcastic but there were people who questioned her thought and love for her husband.

She responded to this in her own witty style:


12. When she got into an exchange of insults with Chetan Bhagat after joking about changing her name to Chetali so that her columns would be made into movies.

Chetan Bhagat took notice of this and replied:

How could Twinkle Khanna not reply to this. She did and in her sassy manner.

And the exchange continued until it went viral.

She is her unfiltered and sassy self. And we love her for this.