Yaar ek baat batao, Dino Morea ko kya hua? Bade ‘dino’ se dikha nahin.

I know there are important things going on in the world, but my focus has entirely shifted to the actor today, after reading this tweet.

Suddenly I have this urge to find out things about him. Mujhe unnecessarily FOMO ho raha hai.

Because I had a huge crush on him at one point.

Rare Film

Remember the Musu Musu Hasi song? It still puts a smile on my face after all these years and that’s mainly because of Dino and his adorable dancing.

I was missing him so much, I decided to watch the song. Which was probably not a great idea because I saw THIS.


That’s 4 other people whose whereabouts I am curious about now. 

Anyway, I digress. 

Dino of early 2000s was a delight. I mean, acting wasn’t his strongest point maybe, but dimples sort of made up for every thing.


The problem started when he began doing movies like Fight Club – Members Only and Acid Factory (I have absolutely no recollection of the latter).

After that, he stopped coming in movies altogether. 

Internet tells me he is doing some projects – but nothing substantial really.

Biz Asia Live

He also ran a restaurant called Crepe Station Cafe – which Google tells me is ‘permanently closed’ now. 

Apart from that, he is reportedly an investor for fantasy gaming website LivePools.com, runs a fitness company DM Fitness and is associated with India’s biggest pet festival – Pet Fed. A known animal lover, he can often be heard advocating for the rights of our furry friends.

Deccan Herald

So that was work part of things. Besides that, Dino works out a lot from what I can tell. 

Also, does horse riding. 

Posts strange pictures.

And looks attractive.

Very attractive.

Sadly, that is all the information I could gather about him.

Someone please ask him to make a comeback. Dino, we want More-a of you.