In the latest things to be boycotted is Netflix. Yes, you heard that right. In case you don’t follow Twitter, #BoycottNetflix has been trending. Why you ask? 

Because of a kissing scene in a religious place. 

The scene, from A Suitable Boy, shows Lata and Kabir kissing in what is supposed to be a temple structure. And clearly this has irked a lot of people’s sentiments for ‘disrespecting a religious place of worship’. In fact, so sentimental has the issue gotten that the Madhya Pradesh Home Minister (why is this somehow not surprising), Dr Narottam Mishra even took to Twitter and expressed his worry in a video. Because as a Home Minister, that is in fact the most pressing issue. 

The hashtag even trended on the No. 1 spot on Twitter India. 

What ensued was an online debate on what’s sanskaari and unsanskaari.