After four Academy Award nominations over the journey of a few years, Joaquin Phoenix has finally bagged his first Oscar for the Best Actor for his outstanding performance in Joker.   

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Now it is a universally known and well-established fact that Joaquin is one of the most talented actors in the world but the lesser-known fact about this gem of a person is that he’s also an animal rights activist. 

The Guardian

While accepting his first Oscar, in his passionate speech Joaquin touched upon a lot of topics. After taking a minute to acknowledge his co-nominees, he moved on to passionately speak up for the voiceless species. 

He used his platform to educate his audience and fans about the unseen face of animal cruelty. With his heartfelt and moving speech, Pheonix dropped some major truth bombs that gave us chills down the spine.

With a lump in his throat, he further opened up about his flaws and exposed his humane side. He further thanked his crew for believing in him, recognising his talents and giving him a second chance.

Concluding his speech with powerful and touching words, Joaquin sent a strong message to the audiences that encouraged us to make an initiative to coexist with nature. 

Towards the end of his speech, Joaquin held back his sobs and tears as he remembered the wise words of his deceased brother River Pheonix: 

Watch Joaquin Pheonix’s entire acceptance speech here:  

Netizens are lauding Joaquin’s boldness and gesture for addressing the real issues: 

I have to be honest, Phoenix’s speech was truly moving and his gesture to speak up for the voice-less creatures throughout his acceptance speech is the wokeness and activism we need.