As the sequel of All The Boys I've Loved Before has left us with a love-filled hangover, making us light-headed and dreamy,  we can't help but obsess over Peter and Lara Jean's adorable relationship.   

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Well, while we really can't wait to take a sneak peek into the next chapter of their life, we're trying to cure our love-bug hangover by looking at their off-screen chemistry. 

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Even though it has been a while since I saw To Al The Boys: P.S I Still Love You, there is this one scene that has constantly been playing in my head and I really cannot get over the moroseness of this scene. 

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Remember when just after Peter and Lara Jean temporarily broke things off and somehow Lara Jean managed to get out of bed, put on her grey sweater, her V-Day necklace and made a lot of effort to get herself to school? 

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And then all of a sudden an excursion to the aquarium is sprung upon her while she's dealing with her aching heart. And guess who's her bio partner? Peter. At a time when she didn't have the heart to be near him, fate threw them together.

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I for one was hoping and praying that something good would come out of this but instead, Lara Jean ask Peter if he wanted Valentine's Day locket back and he says yes. 

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My heart literally shattered into a million pieces when he helped her take off the locket, like everyone else I was hoping that they either hug or kiss and tell each other how much they love them, but instead they just stood there in silence. 

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And it's not only me, but people from all across twitter can still not get over this heartbreaking scene: 

So initially I failed to understand why Peter didn't say anything or try to soothe her broken heart and honestly, truth be told,  never thought I'd say this but I was low-key disappointed in him for not clarifying the misunderstanding. 

(I mean you kind of can't really blame me for expecting a grand gesture from Peter because he's literally set the bar very high, even for himself. )

But when I saw that he was waiting for Lara Jean at the eldercare's doorstep because it started snowing and he remembered how Lara Jean hated driving in the snow, I literally started sobbing.  

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And what unfolded after that, literally filled my hopeless heart with a ray of hope and joy and made me realise that this was literally the most romantic scene in both the movies.  

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Netizens from all across the globe couldn't get over how Peter fiercely wore his heart on the sleeve and pouring his feelings out: 

BRB, going to go binge-watch both the movies for the billionth time.