If you instantly started humming this song as soon as you read the lyrics, you’re one of the many people who has been a true fan of India’s most-watched cartoon Doraemon. 

Zindagi sawar dun,
Ik nayi bahaar dun
Duniya hi badal dun mai
Toh pyara sa chamatkar hun…

Doraemon is a time-travelling robotic cat who not only helps a shy kid named Nobita with his unique gadgets, but also is his best friend. 

Now, if you’ve grown up watching this show you’d know how Nobita has had a major crush on his friend Shizuka Minamoto and often takes Doraemon’s help to impress her. Well, Nobita’s efforts finally got rewarded in the new movie Stand by Me Doraemon 2. 

In this sequel movie, Nobita will finally get married to his childhood sweetheart Shizuka. Even though the movie got released in Japan in November 2020, the world has yet to experience this magic yet. The movie is said to release worldwide before June this year and the poster of this was first shared by CBI Pictures. 

As soon as this news broke down, fans couldn’t contain the happiness and made Nobita a top trending topic on Twitter.    

All our childhood dreams came true.