Disclaimer: The following post contains spoilers from Season 2 of You. 

Joe Goldberg aka Will Bettelheim aka one of the most lusted after fictional bookstore owners had quite a journey in the second season of the psychological thriller You. 

Joe Goldberg in YOU
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At the end of the season, it was made abundantly clear that Joe has not changed his stalker tendencies. More importantly, even though he is on his way to being a father, he still has a new 'love interest' in his sight. 

Joe Goldberg's last scene in YOU S2
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Mystery woman in YOU S2
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Now, you may have thought that the mystery woman has been introduced simply to set the pace for the next season. But, if fan theories are to be believed, the mystery woman is none other than Joe's mom.

Twitterati has come up with various reasons and signs that prove that the woman show in the end is actually Joe's mother - the same woman who is rescued by an abusive husband by Joe. The same mother who leaves Joe in the care of Child Services. 

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Now, as per the fan theories, the woman's hands indicate that she is older in age. And despite multiple flashbacks to Joe's childhood, his mother's final whereabouts are never revealed.  

YOU S2 ending
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Thus, it is not entirely impossible that the woman who is Joe's new interest could very well be his mother, or so the Twitterati believes. 

Guess we have another reason, to add to the list of 100 or more, to eagerly wait for season 3. 

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