The trailer of Ayan Mukerji’s passion project Brahmastra is out, and it looks extraordinary. The visuals are breathtaking and have only intensified our excitement to watch the movie. 

But it turns out, apart from spectacular VFX, some path-breaking sound, and of course, the chemistry between Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor- there’s something we all have missed.  


Fans on Twitter are speculating a lot of theories, and we all wish this one would come true. Brahmastra may have an extended cameo of SRK, and people on Twitter may have proof. 

Twittizens have a spotted SRK in the trailer, have a look: 

As of now, neither Shah Rukh Khan nor the filmmakers have confirmed his association with Brahmastra but we all want it to come true.

Ayan Mukerji is introducing a whole new concept of ‘Astraverse’ in Hindi cinema. He spoke about his dream to explore the roots of Indian mythology through Brahmastra.

Marking the beginning of a new cinematic universe, ‘The Astraverse’, I believe Brahmāstra is the kind of film that the country would feel really proud of. It touches on our roots; celebrates our rich culture, and it takes us forward with our technology. The film is proudly Indian and imaginative, and bringing together some of Pan-India’s most renowned names was a dream come true. 

Indeed, the trailer was a visual delight to watch. The film is slated to release on 9 September 2022.

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