Our obsession with 2000’s rom-coms is valid. We all have that one film that we randomly stumble upon while shuffling channels on TV and don’t quit until it’s over (we also sit through the ads, mind you). Ishq Vishq, starring Shahid Kapoor and Amrita Rao, is one such film.

However, you wouldn’t be as obsessed with the film as this Twitter page called @ishqefillum1 which has mysteriously highlighted the OG main character of Ishq Vishq, who had gone uncelebrated all this while.

Of all the cliched sick kicks you have ever witnessed in Bollywood, Dimpy’s character stands out because he expresses his feelings succinctly with only one dialogue!

The way this page has demystified Dimpy’s ‘nuanced’ character is mind-boggling. For real. 

Who knew that simply one line Kya baat kar raha hai, could trigger such a wide range of emotions? The palpable degree of rage that’s oozing out in this scene can’t go unnoticed. 

If this film isn’t the actor’s magnum opus, I don’t know what is. 

No dialogues, yet he has eclipsed all the main characters in the film!

Can we talk about how bright his face lights up while saying that in this scene?

And you still heard him!

Chuckle all you want, but he’s the only sensible character you’ll find in the film. 

The worry that you can hear in this one! All I am asking is a best friend like Dimpy. Is it too much to ask for?

I can hear the cracking of his heart in this one, can you?


If this doesn’t get your energy pumping, I don’t know what will!

Twitter is caught off guard and is rooting for this eagle-eyed movie buff!

All of us to the admin of this page: Kya baat kar raha hai oyee!