The WTC match between India and NZ is currently being played in the UK. With rain disrupting the game almost every day, the bigger question fans are asking is why is it being played in the UK.

While only ICC can answer this question, a Twitter user has found better organisers – the Tapu sena.

telly chakkar

Remember, how they organised GPL (Gokuldham Premier League), festivals, picnics, and everything else? The Twitter user has legit points comparing ICC and Tapu Sena when it comes to organising events.

A few of the remarkable points put forth are:

1. Tapu Sena is capable of organising an event with perfection even if they start planning a day before. On the other hand, ICC had been planning this match for more than a year.

2. Tapu Sena is flexible in the sense that it changes the venue depending on the situation – clubhouse, terrace, society campus, etc. But ICC on the other hand doesn’t change the venue no matter what the situation is.

Netizens not only agree with the comparison but are also adding more points to it.

ICC, are you listening?