So the 1st episode of Game Of Thrones Season 7 is here and fans are finally relieved after an agonizing wait of a century! The first episode did not leave any aspect untouched and every minute of the 56 minute of screen time was utilized to the maximum, you couldn’t take your eyes off the screen for a minute or you would miss out on something important! Yes, it’s that intense. We have an idea about where everyone is and that is at some important locations, everyone means business, no one is wasting time, with only 14 episodes left, the 1st episode is bound to keep you at the edge of your seats as characters deliver their roles in a ‘no time for jokes’ mood.

If you haven’t seen the episode yet, this is where you should stop as Twitter explains.

Of course, Hotstar kicked it off before everyone else:

Some scenes in the first episode were Lit AF and as always Twitter went berserk over them. Check out these tweets to know how fans all over the world are jumping with joy.

Exactly what we all are feeling right now.

David Benioff David and D.B.Weiss established with the first scene that you just cannot afford to take it lightly.

And when they asked what happened here tell them Winter came for House Frey!

People have mixed reactions about the Ed Sheeran cameo but Arya’s performance sure didn’t let it become less intense. I mean who can pull “I’m going to kill the Queen.” with that ease.

And this epic burn.

We are rooting for Sam!

And of course who could forget about Lyanna

Keep watching for more.