A partner in crime or your agony aunt? Or are you two like Rahul and Anjali? Friendships come in all forms. But there’s no denying that a true friendship is possibly the most priceless thing that we humans can be blessed with. 

Relax guys! Friendship day is not around. But it certainly feels like it in the Twitterverse, which has been taken over by the #ShotsOfFriendship tweets. People are pouring their hearts out and telling the world how much their friends mean to them. And we’re trying very hard not to cry!

Tea anyone? 

Cheers to the good times in Istanbul 

Issey kehte hai asli #ShotsOfFriendship

How far have you gone for a dare? 

It feels like ages have gone by since we last hung out with our partners in crime. And reading some of these beautiful messages on how much everyone is missing their best buddies has left us pining like Madhubala. *reaches out for the tissues*

Friends are the strong pillars in our lives that we can lean on for support. Good times or bad, it just feels great to have them around. And these heart warming messages are just making it even harder for us to stay apart from our gang.

In case you’re wondering, this heartfelt initiative was taken on by Amazon Prime Video, who have decided to capture the best of the #ShotsOfFriendship moments in the form of a coffee table book dedicated to friendship on Twitter. Isn’t that lovely? We’ve tweeted too. Hope it makes it to the book! 

 So what’re you waiting for? Tweet your special bff moments with using the #ShotsOfFriendship and let your friends know how much you love them. And if you’re lucky, then your special moment might just get featured in Amazon Prime Video’s Book of Friendship.