Back then when I was too stupid to decipher the meaning of a mere four-letter-word, SRK’s Kal Ho Na Ho yet welled me up, just like he did as he read his unwritten diary to Naina. Little did I know the only synonym of romance I’d ever learn would be nothing but Shah Rukh Khan. 

Yes, I blame him for overblowing my idea of love, be it ek tarfa or mukammal. I blame him for holding my hand each time I tried falling in love or falling out of it, in hopes of someone waiting for me out there, be it Rahul or Rizwaan.  

Gracefully sliding into his 56th today, SRK’s charm is making people on Twitter express love for their favourite characters of him. Well, mohabbat ka izhaar is something he’s taught us well.

Every character that he breathed to life has criminally stolen our hearts, yet mentioning the significant few that are etched onto our souls even decades later. Safe to say, his smile is the pandemic this world needs to talk more about!

This Twitter thread garnered tons of love for accentuating the beauty of these films.  

Shah Rukh, we wish you many more years of ruling the industry, and our hearts.