A few days ago, the video of Delhi’s Shanti Mukand Hospital, Sunil Saggar, went viral. In it, a tear-eyed Sunil stressed that the institution was running out of oxygen, leaving them with no choice but to discharge the patients who can be discharged.

We’re hardly left with any oxygen. We’ve requested doctors to discharge patients, whoever can be discharged…It may last for 2 hrs or something.

The said video reached Sushmita Sen, who decided to help the hospital out by arranging the oxygen cylinders. She succeeded, too. 

However, there was no means to get them transported to Delhi from Maharashtra. That is when she took to Twitter and asked people for help.

And her ever-helpful followers came up with many responses. Though there was one person who asked Sushmita why she was sending oxygen to Delhi when Mumbai itself was facing crisis.

To which the actor replied:

Meanwhile, other followers also backed Sushmita on her decision to the best she could.

Anyhow, she has now figured a way to get the cylinders transported, a news she shared herself. 

We must mention, here, that the hospital had arranged for oxygen in the meanwhile.

This is not the time to put ‘ours’ and ‘mine’ before resources. They go to those who need them the most. Big ups to Sushmita.