Though it's no secret that art imitates life, in this case, the opposite seems to hold true. 

Because, Delhi constable Firoz Alam, who secured the 645th rank in the 2019 UPSC exam, is reminding social media of reel-life constable, Imran Ansari from Paatal Lok

Much like the dedicated constable from Paatal Lok, Firoz Alam too works with Delhi Police and took the examination while being deployed with the PCR unit. 

Firoz Alam
Source: Indian Express

After clearing the exam, he is now eligible for the post of a civil servant. According to Indian Express, Alam, who hails from UP’s Azampur Dehpa, is the first 'officer' in his family, and his village, and this was his sixth and final attempt.  

This was my sixth and last attempt; the news is not sinking in. My parents studied till class VI and can only read Urdu. No one in my village has cleared the exam before. When I joined Delhi Police in 2010, I saw DCPs and other high-ranking IPS officers and decided I want to be like them. When I was on duty, I only concentrated on that, but if I had spare time, I would go through notes on my phone. My dream started with my job. 

Twitterati was quick to point out the similarities, and shower Alam with praise. 

The results of the 2019 UPSC examination were recently announced. Pradeep Singh Jatin Kishore and Pratibha Verma got the first, second and third rank, respectively.