Ever since the first book came out, we’ve all wanted to be a part of the world of Harry Potter. Setting no limits for our imagination, it will always be more than just fiction for the “Harry Potter Generation”. 

We’ve read each book in the series, over and over again, and also devoured the movies over various Potter marathons. Naturally, we’d know everything there is to know about Harry Potter and his world, right? 

Turns out, there’s something that J.K. Rowling didn’t tell us until recently. And there’s no way you could’ve ever guessed this one! 


Apparently, there was another Harry Potter before the Harry Potter!


Yes, you read that right. In a Pottermore entry, back in 2015, J.K. Rowling revealed this shocking fact which no one could’ve ever guessed. 

This entry is back in the limelight, for all the right reasons, obviously! 

The author wrote:

This was followed by the explanation:

And concluded like this:

Wondering how you missed this despite being a maniacal Potterhead?


For people who do not know, Sacred Twenty-Eight refers to the families which are truly pure blood in this wizardly world. 

To make it more comprehensible, follow the chronology below:

O.G. Harry’s son, Fleamont Potter married Euphemia and gave birth to James. 

James then married a Muggle-born woman, Lily Evans, and they had a son named Harry — the Harry Potter in the book series.

Still didn’t get it? 


Well, the news is that Harry’s great grandfather’s name was also Harry Potter.  


And I thought this was the only surprise. 


Anything is possible if Ron can end up with Hermione, right?