If you’re a fellow book-worm, then you’ll agree with me when I say that every person who loves to read book, loves to read books in his or her own way. They have different tastes, different reading patterns and extremely interesting idiosyncrasies. You know any of these guys?

1. The Binge Readers

These guys will finish a book in one go, no matter now thin or fat it is.

2. The Emotionally Invested Readers

They get emotionally attached to the characters in their books. They probably cried when Dumbledore died.

3. The Ones With A Favourite Author

Those who only read works by best-selling authors like JK Rowling, John Green, Dan Brown, etc.

4. The Indian Cult Readers

They swear by the works of Durjoy Dutta,  Arundhati Roy and Arvind Adiga. Sometimes, they look down upon their fellow readers who quote foreign authors.


5. The Ones Who Read All The Time

Literally. These guys eat, drink, sleep and poop with books in their hands.

6. The Pseudo Readers

They who read one or two books every year and call themselves avid readers.

7. The Escapists

Those who read only during the exams to avoid studying.

8. The Introverted Readers

They often read to avoid human interaction and awkward situations. They usually carry books with them to their workplace, college, school, parks, bars, marriages, funerals etc.

9. The Readers Who Do Judge A Book By Its Cover

They pick up a book, read the synopsis on the back-cover and then move to the next one. They can’t stand the suspense you see.

10. The Collectors

They collect different editions of the same book and read every single one. Just because they can.


11. The Readers Who Make Notes

They get so pulled into the lore of a book, they can’t help but make notes about the characters, the plot and sometimes, their own feelings.

12. The OCD Readers

They like keeping their copies fresh. Really fresh. Tear or smudge a page or mess with the binding and that’s the last thing you’ll ever do.

13. The Optimistic Readers

Their T.B.R (To Be Read)  list is longer than the average human’s life expectancy.

14. The Ones Who Read For Love

Those who read books only to impress their significant other.

15. The “Kinda Sorta” Readers

These guys only read the books people around them have read or discussed so that the next time someone discusses literature, they can pitch in with their own opinions. However, most of their opinions are half formed. “You know, kinda, sorta…”

16. The Moviegoer-Turned-Reader

Those who read books their favourite movies are based on.

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