Nobody wants us to loosen our purse strings as much as Ola and Uber do. I understand that feeling of opening any cab-services app only to see the soaring prices to not-so-far-away destinations and finally resorting to board a metro to wherever the eff you wanna go. Cos money ain’t growing on trees!

But our stories are similar — and boring too — in comparison to this British man who was expected to pay a whopping sum of nearly ₹32 lakh to Uber for a 6.4-kilometer trip. Only because he was drunk. Or Uber was, but we’ll find out.

Uber mess up

After a drunken night, 22-year-old Oliver Kaplan was left in shivers when he saw a message from Uber. “When I woke up hungover the next morning, the last thing I expected was a charge of over £35,000 [$39,317],” New York Post quoted him.

Apparently, the preceding day, Kaplan had planned to meet his friends at a pub in England called Witchwood after finishing his work for the day. He booked an Uber from Buxton Inn in Manchester to the Witchwood pub. Originally, the price quoted on the app was somewhere between $11 to $12, which he happily accepted. The ride lasted 15 minutes and, like most of us, he forgot about.

british man uber glitch
New York Post

Until he woke up the next morning to see the hefty sum of over £35,000 couldn’t be withdrawn because of insufficient bank funds. Upon seeing the gut-wrenching price, Kaplan immediately contacted the Uber customer service department to find out what the eff went wrong.

Uber high price
New York Post

Apparently, there was a goof-up at Uber’s end where the location of Witchwood pub in Manchester, England got switched with Witchwood park in Victoria, Australia.

Uber high price bill
New York Post

Kaplan was grateful that he didn’t have that much money, otherwise, he’d have to chase Uber for a refund. “It could have landed me in all sorts of financial trouble. Thankfully they [Uber] were really good about it, and made it right straight away — but it was a stressful half an hour, to say the least,” he added.

Now that’s an aadha-ghanta of a lifetime!