The Infinity Saga is finally over after 10 long years and we are awaiting for the Phase 4 to begin. Now, a lot of us serious fans of the MCU. 

So we thought, how about we test that theory? You call yourself a Marvel fan? Prove yourself. 

1. What is the first proper Iron-Man suit made of?

2. How many people had wielded Mjolnir by the end of Avengers: Endgame?

3. What was Bruce Banner trying to do when he became the Hulk?

4. What alien race does Ronan the Accuser belong to?

5. Which one of the Infinity Stones is not actually a stone?

6. Which Infinity Stone was in Loki's sceptre?

7. What nickname did Tony Stark give Thor?

8. What is Bucky's full name?

9. What is the name of Thanos' father?

10. What is Dr Strange's cape called?

11. Where was Bruce Banner when Natasha Romanoff recruited him for SHIELD in 2012's The Avengers?

12. Peter Quill was half-human. What other species of creature did he belong to?

13. Which country was Scarlet Witch actually from?

14. What project did Steve Rogers volunteer for during World War II?

15.  What tape does Peter Quill listen to on his Walkman in the first GoTG film?

16. How many futures did Dr Strange see in Infinity War?

17. How old did Thor say he was?

18. What planet do the Kree live in?

19. What was the name of Loki's father?

20. Which movie did Hawkeye make his MCU debut in?