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If You Score More Than 5 In This Ultimate "Welcome" Quiz Then It Will Be A "Miracle, Miracle"

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Have you spent hours replicating Majnu bhai ki painting? Do you know subah se kya nahi bika hai? Are you aware that kisi ke ek tang nakli hai?

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If you answered yes to the aforementioned questions, then this quiz should be as easy for you as acting was for Uday bhai

1. Let's "welcome" you to the quiz with an easy question. Name this character:

2. Okay, time to amp it up a little. Remember Uday's side"kick" jiski ek tang nakli hai? What sport does he say he used to play? 

4. Feeling confident so far? Then complete this dialogue: Bhagwan ka dia hua sab kuch hai. _________. Itna rutba hai iss sheher mein, jis ghar pe haath rakhu, koi na nahi kahega. 

4. And now comes Majnu bhai and his painting. So this should be fairly easy: which two animals feature in his painting?

5. Now who does not remember the epic game of passing the parcel that everyone plays in the end. But the question is, do you remember the song that plays in the background? 

6. Which of the following actors had a cameo in the film?

7. You have to admit, the dialogues are one of the most memorable things about the film. But which one of the following is not a dialogue from the film? 

8. Okay, so this may be a little tricky, but what is RDX's full name? 

9. How many times did Sanjana trick Rajiv as part of the April Fool's contest organized in the movie?

10. Who actually shot at Lucky?

11. Right at the end, when everyone is stuck in a tilting house, which insect attacks the crowd?

12. And last, but not least, what is the first song to play in the movie? 

Time for the results! 


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