Let’s admit it, a LOT of our shitty movies turn into Box Office Blockbusters. However, not all is lost yet. There are still filmmakers in our industry who believe in quality and more importantly in a story. Here, in no particular order, we celebrate similar films that might not have got the cash registers buzzing, but are far superior films than the ones that have.

1. Gulaal

2. Black Friday

3. Do Dooni Chaar

4. Swades

5. Shaurya

6. Dor

7. Udaan

8. Manorama Six Feet Under

9. Rocket Singh

10. Aamir

11. Haasil

12. Phas Gaye Re Obama

13. Shor In The City

14. Khosla Ka Ghosla

15. Bheja Fry

16. Sehar

17. 99

18. Dhoop

19. Dil Dosti Etc.

20. 1971

Did we miss out on any underrated movie? Let us know in the comment section below.