While some of Disney’s best works enjoy continuing global popularity and adoration, there are some hidden and not so well known gems that have passed us by over the years. It’s not because they’re lacking in quality or laughs, but that’s just the way the world works. So here’s to giving the underdogs a little bit of appreciation – Disney style.

1. The Great Mouse Detective

This charming movie follows a mouse named Basil, who’s based on Sherlock Holmes, trying to solve the mystery of a kidnapped toymaker. Things get complicated when he realises the kidnapper is his arch nemesis. Witty, endearing, and highly watchable, it’s a shame this film wasn’t more popular.


2. Kronk’s New Groove

A sequel to the extremely funny The Emperor’s New Groove, this film was direct-to-video, which is why it’s been completely forgotten. The film  follows former antagonist Kronk, who’s changed his ways and become a beloved fixture of the town. However, when he hears his judgemental father’s coming to town, things start to fall apart. 


3. The Rescuers Down Under

This film is criminally underrated and underknown, despite being right up there with the greats in terms of laughs, feels and all around Disneyness. It’s about a bunch of animals trying to foil the evil schemes of a poacher, and it’s a blast!


4. Treasure Planet

While this film did the rounds of our cable TVs back in the day, it’s still one of the most under-appreciated efforts from Disney, especially looking at the world, or worlds, they created for this. Flying through the universe on literal ships? Us humans weren’t ready.

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5. Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Another Disney offering that didn’t get the recognition it deserved, this film follows a group of brave explorers who join forces to find the long lost, and presumed drowned city of Atlantis. With the voice of the inimitable Michael J. Fox at the helm, this film is an adventure for the ages. 


6. Oliver & Company

This film’s got the vocal talents of Billy Joel (what?!) and Cheech Marin from Cheech and Chong! Anyway, enough fanboying, the movie itself is an animated take on the Charles Dickens classic Oliver Twist – Except it’s animals, and it takes place in New York.


7. Sky High

Yes, on face level this film looks campy and pretty damn uninviting. But where there’s Kurt Russell, there’s always hope. The movie is about Will Stronghold, the son of two of the world’s most well-known superheroes, who doesn’t have any powers of his own. It’s a fun coming-of-age kind of story, with superpowers to boot!


8. Meet The Robinsons

This heartfelt film follows Lewis, a 12-year-old boy with a knack for science who lives at an orphanage. He wants to build a time machine and find his mother, however he meets a guy named Wilbur, and all their plans start to go a little… wonky.


It’s never a bad time for Disney!