Despite its funny name, there is nothing funny about this film. Satan’s Litte Helper is also the name of a videogame in the film that a 9-year-old boy, Dougie is obsessed with. However, when a murderer appears out of the blue dressed as the devil, Dougie decides to help him; becomes his evil little helper. 

Good horror movies are rare to find. I mean, sure, you’ll find the popular ones like The Conjuring and all that biblical horror stuff around every corner. But often in the midst of all this, a lot of good, underrate films go unnoticed. That’s what we’re here. 

1. Satan’s Little Helper


2.  Aaah! Zombies!!

This is quite possibly the most creative zombie movie ever made. The story actually unfolds from the point of view of the zombies. These creatures think of themselves as some sort of superhero, as they are dead and are no longer able to feel any pain. It’s brilliant. Just watch it as soon as you can!


3. Cropsey

This is a horror documentary. Whatever you see in this film real even if you don’t believe it is. It chronicles the tales of a boogeyman that had been terrorising residents of New York. The documentary shows the tales of mysterious disappearances and grizzly murders but in the style of classic horror movies. 


4. The Haunting of #24

This is a simple haunted house story. Good and old fashioned, but it takes creepy to a whole different level. It’s a slowburn like Paranormal Activity but things actually happen in this film. It’s very well written and has moments that’ll genuinely stay with you for a long time. 

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5. Bad Taste

Before Peter Jackson was making Lord Of The Rings, he was famous for his gory horror movies in the 80s. Bad Taste is the first movie he made. What makes this more impressive is that he made with the help of his friends over weekends for four years. The movie might not have been a commercial but has gained a cult following over the yeas.

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7. The Transfiguration 

This is one of the better movies in the vampire genre. It’s subtle and it’s sort of sweet at times. But where it excels is portraying the societal issues plaguing Baltimore at the time. Screenrant has called it a two-par episode of The Wire. This film about a troubled kid forming a bond with a teenage girl explores deeper issues within the city. It’s just brilliant film-making!


8. Live!

This mockumentary follows Katy, a TV executive, played by the brilliant Eva Mendes, with an idea for a new TV show- Russian roulette, except, she plans on someone actually killing themselves on Live TV! It’s brilliantly tense and really keeps you on your toes. It’s like watching Bigg Boss but knowing someone’s gonna actually die in the end!


9. The Signal

Do you ever think what would happen if a virus just spread through, like a pandemic and instead of giving people flu, made everyone batshit crazy? Yeah, well, this is that movie! The film is legit make you question if everyone around you has gone mad or are you just so paranoid about everyone going mad that you’ve gone cuckoo yourself!

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10. Eat Locals!

As you might have already guessed, this involves eating people in your locality. Well, this is a vampire horror-comedy, made in Britain. Now, this is no Danny Boyle flick, but it will keep you on your toes, till the time you have to sit down because you are laughing so freaking hard. Oh, if any Daredevil fans are reading this, there is a very healthy dose of Carlie Cox as an incentive. 

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Alright then. Wait for the sun to set and then, you can start on the nightmare train. Good luck!