Horror, as a genre, is a code that has somehow become very difficult to crack, even for big studios. It has more or less become run-of-the-mill biblical ghost stories. 

That being said every now and then, there comes one that refreshes the whole genre even though it kinda slips under the radar. Here's a list of 12 of the best.

1. Host

There is a lot to be scared about in 2020. Zoom meetings aren't one of these things. They're irritating, sure. But not scary. Well, all that changes in this hour-long story where shit goes south for everyone involved in the meeting. From the jump scares to the constant fear of death, this film will make you scared about accepting another invite ever again. 

Source: Deadline

2. Climax

Everyone who loves a dance party must watch this film. I mean, at least the opening sequence is quite brilliant. It's fun really. Well, except the part where you spend the whole movie figuring out who spiked everyone's drinks and started a series of nightmares that literally kills. 

Source: Roger Ebert

3. Tragedy Girls

If you like a fair bit of gore in your horror films, this is a highly recommended film for you. Teenage crime reporters Sadie and McKayla are hot on the trail of a crazed serial killer. They actually catch him and hold him hostage. That's also when they realise that the best way to become famous is by committing the murder themselves. 

Source: The Verge

4. The Witch

There are satanic rituals, old world magic and unseen monsters in this 17th-century story of a a banished Puritan family that finds their farm being hunted by something sinister. The spook factor in this film is off the charts. So keep watching from the corner of your eyes. It'll still get you. 

Source: Quartz

5. Let the Right One In

Oskar and Eli develop a friendship after the former moves into the neighbourhood with his mother in suburban Sweden. As their bond grows strong, Eli shares a secret with him that ties her to a string of local murders. 

The film is truly unsettling and will leave you thinking about it even hours after it has ended!

Source: Horror world

6. Hereditary

I feel like there should be a trigger warning issued with this film. Because this film will take you to hell. 

When the matriarch of the Graham family passes away, her daughter and grandchildren begin to unravel increasingly terrifying secrets about their ancestry and try to outrun their inherited fate. 

Source: The Scottish Sun

7. The Strangers

James Hoyt and Kristen McKay go to a remote house to spend some quality time with each other. But a knock on their doors early in the morning changes their lives forever. 

Starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman, the movie makes you genuinely terrified for your yourself. 

Source: Bloody Disgusting

8. It Comes at Night

The story of the film revolves being in a lockdown during a pandemic of sorts. Two families are forced to share a home in an uneasy alliance to keep the apocalypse at bay, only to find out that the disease comes from within. 

Source: My Favourite Horror

9. The Invisible Man

You can actually actually call it a Sci-fi horror, because that is exactly what it is. Now there have been a few attempts at this genre before but very few of them have been as good as this. The movie follows a woman who claims that her boyfriend who had died by suicide is now stalking her. Make any sense? 

Source: Film school projects

10. The Invitation

I had accidentally stumbled upon his film while wildly browsing the internet at 3 in the night. And it was good that I was up because I couldn't sleep anyway after watching this gem of film. The plot is quite simple. People gather at a house for a dinner party which they spend wondering which one of them has an ulterior motive. Because someone definietly does. 

Source: Arizona Daily Sun

11. Ready or Not

The film follows Grace, a newly wed bride figuring out that her in-laws have some really messed up traditions. You'll find yourself becoming a character in the film, and experience every emotion as Grace does. 

Source: Film School Rejects

12. One Hour Photo

If you still picture the late Robin Williams as a funny man, this will wipe that image right out of your mind. Williams plays a very creepy photo technician Seymour who gets obsessed with a family who are regulars at his counter. He then follows them everywhere vowing to destroy every last one of them. 

Source: Cassava

These films have somehow managed to stay under the radar for these years. But that doesn't mean they aren't any good. Just give it a go. You will definitely regret watching them alone.