Everywhere you look nowadays, there’s some kind of fuckery going on. It’s the state of the world – glum, unforgiving, unpredictable – and it’s putting people in some pretty dark mental zones. Unlike the Dark Ages however, we can sit at home and watch a steady stream of great cinema that helps distract us from the terrors of the outside. Sometimes, you just need a straight dose of light-hearted fun to perk you back up. These movies should hit that spot.

1. Murder Mystery

Starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, this film isn’t exactly a cerebral masterpiece, but it’s got laughs, it’s got intrigue, and it’s got some beautiful European vistas. The story is about them as a couple trying to spark up their marriage, when they unwittingly get framed for murder.


2. The Babysitter

Horror-comedy might be an unlikely candidate for this list, but The Babysitter is just so damn fun! The story follows an unfortunate kid trying to escape from his babysitters, who are actually part of a murderous cult. 

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3. Little Evil

Another horror comedy (don’t ask me why) featuring the inimitable comedic chops of Adam Scott. The movie is about a newly-married man who’s stepson seems to have some truly satanic qualities. Unfortunately, the mom thinks he’s an angel.

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4. The Sleepover

This action-comedy stars Malin Akerman as a mom who’s kids aren’t aware about her time as a secret agent. However, when the past catches up, the spy games begin again, this time involving the whole familia!

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5. Game Over, Man!

If you’ve ever watched Workaholics, you’re going to love this. If not, it’s still a great way to pass the time – in a juvenile and extremely NSFW sort of way. The comedic talents of Adam DeVine, Blake Anderson and Anders Holm cannot be stressed enough, and they’re put to good use in this movie about 3 losers trying to rescue hostages at a high-end hotel. 


6. Handsome

Jeff Garlin and Natasha Lyonne star in this off-kilter comedy about 2 LA detectives trying to solve a murder (while being extremely weird in the process). The ratings might be abysmal, but the movie isn’t – critics probably just didn’t understand the Larry David school of comedy.


7. Take The 10

The story of a perennially blazed weed dealer, his best friend, and the shit that can go down on the way to the most anticipated concert of your entire teen life (spoiler alert – it’s love). Take The 10 stars the loveable Josh Peck, and even has Andy Samberg!


8. Land of the Lost

Let’s face it, anything with Will Ferrell in it is bound to help you crack a smile. In this movie, he’s also got comedic powerhouse Danny McBride on his team, in a movie about a group of people who accidentally get transported to a land of dinosaurs and lizard people. It’s good, silly fun. 


9. Role Models

This movie stars Sean William Scott and Paul Rudd, 2 actors who pretty much ooze charisma. In this film, they’re a duo of well-meaning but oftentimes drunk buddies who have to do community service after a certain incident. This forces them to take care of some truly odd kids – a job they hate at first but later realise is what’s making them better people.

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10. The Young Offenders

This hilarious Irish comedy is about 2 teenage best friends who are sick of their side-jobs packing fish and the like – they want to make the big bucks. That’s when they hear reports about sacks of drugs worth millions washing up on shore, and go off on a madcap adventure for the score of a lifetime (and steal a few cycles while at it).


Keep your chin up, folks!