The 2010s have given us so many great TV shows. Unfortunately, while we have been busy with the more popular ones like Game of Thrones and Stranger Things, quite a few brilliant TV shows have slipped under the radar. 

1. Hannibal

IMDb Rating: 8.5

Inspired by the Thomas Harris novels, Hannibal is the most disturbing and stunningly violent psychological thriller ever made.


The show primarily focussed on the cat and mouse dynamic between Mads Mikkelsen’s Hannibal and Hugh Dancy’s Will Graham while maintaining the thrill of the slow-cooked murder mysteries around them.

Admittedly, the show could have had a lot more popularity if not for its stomach-churning gore. 


2. The Tick

IMDb Rating:7.8

Created by Ben Edlund (writer of the comic book), the show focused on a superhero dressed like a blue tick and his sidekick Arthur to fight the supervillain ‘The Terror’ and save the city. The show had a cult demographic that loved is quirkiness and enjoyable humour. 

However, with the TV audience being overdosed with superhero series, the show never quite got the following it deserved and got cancelled after only 2 seasons. 

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3. The Leftovers

IMDb Rating:8.3

The Justin Theroux-starrer picks up three years after 2% of the world’s population suddenly vanishes. The show primarily tries to understand the confusing and unsettling aftermath of such an occurrence. 

While it somehow slipped under the radar during the time it actually ran on TV, with fans picking it up online and raving about it, its legacy is undoubtedly ensured. 


4. Derry Girls


Imagine being a teenager at a time before the internet was a thing. Derry Girls is one such story.

The comedy series follows 5 teenagers, 4 girls and a boy navigating their way through life in the conservative Catholic town of Londonderry with armed police in armoured Land Rovers and British Army checkpoints in 1990s Northern Ireland. 


5. A.P Bio

IMDb: 7.6

Created by SNL legend Mike O’Brien and produced by Seth Meyers, the show is about Jack Griffin, a disgraced Harvard professor who has to teach a high school biology class. Adamant on revenge, he takes his class’ help to mess with his rival, who took his dream job. 

While the show was cancelled due to low viewership, it will now be revived on NBC’s streaming service. So anyone wanting dive into episodes of absolute comedy gold, this is where you want to flock. 

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6. Sorry For Your Loss

IMDb: 7.5

The sudden death of her husband not only transforms every relationship in Leigh Shaw’s life, it also makes her realise there was a lot about her husband that she didn’t know. 

Endgame‘s Elizabeth Olsen creates her own world and becomes our eyes into it, giving us a true sense of grief.


7. The Eric Andre Show

IMDb: 8.1

You have seen the meme but never knew where it came from, did you?


Well, comedian Eric André hosts a late-night show, that is a parody and involves interviews with celebs (few of them are just impersonators) who producers often describe as real life-weirdos. The show is hilarious with its man-on-the-street segments and naturally chaotic state of the studios. 


8. Channel Zero


With American Horror Story sitting comfortably on the perch of horror anthology genre Channel Zero has sort of slipped under the radar.

But the show has 4 seasons of really trippy and twisted storylines, revolving around everything, from serial killers to haunted mansions. 


9. Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23

IMDb: 7.7

Long before Krysten Ritter was kicking ass as Jessica Jones, she was the B in apartment 23. Like a witch of the lore, she lures new roommates to her apartment and then acts out so that they are forced to leave. But they still have to pay some of their rent and their security deposit. 

The show is hilarious and boasts of an excellent comedic cast. Why it remains underrated is a mystery we would like to solve. 

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10. Orphan Black

IMDb: 8.3

When Sarah Manning, a con artist, witnesses the suicide of a woman, Beth Childs, she realises that they are doppelgangers and assumes the latter’s identity and lives her life as a police detective. All goes to shit when she realises that there are more people who look exactly like her!

Now doesn’t that make you want to know the rest of the story? The show kind of came at the same time of the year, Game of Thrones does and you understand how that works. 


11. Black Sails

IMDb: 8

Set in the early 17th century, the show is a prequel to the Robert Louis Stevenson novel Treasure Island. Black Sails is a pirate adventure that centers on the tales of Captain Flint, former English Navy officer with a reputation as being the most feared of all the Golden Age pirates.

The show routinely digresses from the mockery that Pirates of the Carribean was and instead goes on to become a real tale of love, loyalty, political oppression and war with the East India Company. 


12. Schitt’s Creek

IMDb: 8.6

Creek tells the story of the wealthy Rose family, who lose their fortune and move to a town called Schitt’s Creek that they had once purchased as a joke. To say that the characters are eccentric would be an understatement. 

The show never gained popularity when it aired but since it has been picked up by Netflix, fans and critics alike have been gushing at how brilliantly written this family comedy series is. 


13. Atlanta

IMDb: 8.6

Dany Glover can do anything he wants and Atlanta is proof of that. The characters of this show, live in the city of Atlanta, which is a great place for young rappers to find the footing in the business. 

Among them is Alfred Miles, a young man trying to figure out the line between street life and real life. The series shows the actual struggles that young artists, especially people of colour have to face to make it in the business and strikes a chord with the audience without taking it overboard. 


14. On My Block

 IMDb: 8.1

No matter what city you live in, there is always a good part and a bad part of town. This is the story of school kids in those bad parts of town, struggling with public school, family, racism and trying to escape the criminal life around them. 


15. New Amsterdam

IMDb: 7.4

Dr. Max Goodwin, the new medical director at America’s oldest public hospital is set on upsetting the bureaucracy to provide exceptional care for its patients. However, the staff and other doctors are not sure as no one else has delivered on their promises. 

We have let the show slip under the radar as we have been mindlessly hooked to the never-ending drama that is Grey’s Anatomy


So, what are you waiting for? Start watching already!