To be honest, South Indian films go far beyond the over done action scenes that are too dramatic for us. 

There are a few remarkable films that go nearly unnoticed despite being excellent pieces of cinema.

We came across Reddit threads where people are discussing some great movies which suffer with lack of recognition and popularity and we think you really can’t miss out on them. 

1. “There’s a movie called Tamarr Padaar that I doubt many of you remember. This is was rejected by the same audience that accepted something like Aadu 2. Unlike Aadu 2 however, TP grounds its senseless comedy in a very realistic world with superbly written characters. If this were to come out today, I think it would do a lot better.” 

2. “Chandrolsavam: I’ve already talked about my love for this movie elsewhere on this sub. Ranjith’s deconstruction of his own filmography.”


3. “Poomaram: I really really loved this movie. I can’t really put into words why, but I thought it was an excellenty made tribute to the magic of art. Just a beautiful movie.”
– Anonymous 

4. “Ritu (2009)” 


5. “Devadoothan (1999)”

6. “Njan steve lopez.”
– lucid_fuck 


7. “Innale.”
– lucid_fuck 


8. “Netholi Cheriya Meenalla. I loved this movie. I watched in theatre. IIRC, I was probably one of the very few people who liked the film. A very interesting plot in an otherwise uninteresting setting. Fahad Faasil at his peak form. The best movie from VK Prakash, though that doesn’t speak much.”
– rockus

9. “Mattoral.”


10. “Akare akare akkare (was taken aback when I heard it flopped).”
– ak5766                 

11. “Oral Mathram : Mamooty played such a nuanced “reluctant hero” trope, people who praise Unda should see this film”


12. “Sreedharante onnam thirumurivu: Mammooty playing a comedy role which went unappreciated.”

13. “Oru Abhibhashakante Case Diary: Probably one of the most realistic legal dramas made in Malayalam way back in 95.”


14. “Aham – Mohanlal Urvashi’s chemistry and treatment of mental health made it ahead of its time.”


15. “Kammara Sambhavam got trashed by the viewers when it was released and I heard bad reveiws from almost everyone I know. Saw it recently and it isn’t bad, the idea is pretty genius and while the treatment and the script has flaws, the movie is so much better than I initially assumed. Though I think people’s opinion on the film is changing somewhat.”

16. “Kunjiramayanam : One of those rare new comedy movies that has repeat watch value.”
– Anonymous  


17. “Rakshadhikari Byju : Maybe it’s my 90s nostalgia, but loved it.”

18. “North 24 Kaatham: The icing on cake kind of performance was given by Nedumudi Venu in the end, it was breath taking, the way he managed the act of shock and grieve only a veteran like him could pull such role out.”


19. “Pakshe (1994)”


20. “I also think Amrutham Gamaya is a great movie and is underrated, one of A10’s best performances as well.”
– Zoaren


21. “Double Barrel. By no means a perfect film but i think it is so ahead of its time and so much satire and details are missed by people. The technical aspects was leagues ahead of other films of that time. The movie does have a cult audience now.”
– As_winS

22. “Left Right Left. Cannot think of a better political/high intensity movie in Malayalam. Also, the character portrayed by Indrajith – “Vattu Jayan” is one of my top 5 favorite Malayalam movie characters.”

Which one are you gonna watch first? Let us know in the comments below.