It’s a sad day for Hasan Minhaj and south-east Asian representation in talk shows – the Patriot Act on Netflix has been cancelled, and as fans mourn and talk show hosts continue to face challenges, we thought it fitting to celebrate the best moments from this path-breaking show.

1. When Hasan gave us a holistic and all-encompassing understanding of life itself.

2. When he teamed up with Tan from Queer Eye to get the perfect threads for his show.

3. When he laid bare the deep-rooted racism in Asian communities against black people.

4. When he spoke about the Americanisation of Asian names, and the need to reclaim our titles. 

5. When he exposed the rampant corruption in the cricket world, and dropped some truth bombs while doing it. 

6. When he constructed the perfect analogy for news debates in India.

7. While we’re on the topic of Indian news debates, there was also this golden moment!

8. There was the time he described an Indian fuckboy perfectly, like down to the T.

9. Then there was this great example of how Americans think Indians live.

10 He also had the perfect analogy for Shashi Tharoor as well.

11. And of course, this truth bomb, literally and figuratively, about cricket and India.

It’s sad to see the show go, but we have these hilarious and incisive memories to keep us company!