Anupama chopra is impressed with Brett Lee’s second innings into movies as he was affable and natural in front of camera but calls ‘UnIndian‘ an absolute ‘slog’. She was skeptical because of dodgy history of cricketers turned actors, but she says Lee isn’t half bad, its the story and writing which creates a problem.


Director Anupam Sharma and writer Tushy Sathi tried to capture the Indian experience in Australia. It is a love story set in Sydney between an Indian single mom Meera and an Aussie-English teacher Will- which is a tedious collection of cliches, and Unindian plot is pure formula peppered with the usual exotica says Anupama.

And about the characters she said:“Tannishtha is a lovely actress. She gives Meera more depth than the script offers. The young debutant Maya Sathi, who plays Meera’s daughter, is also very good. But the actors can’t rise above the sloppy writing. And I was sad to see the talented Supriya Pathak reduced to a stereotype.” 


Though she is not quite fascinated with the humor that could not carry the film but is interested to watch Brett Lee’s next move. 

She rated UnIndian with two stars.

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