Mirzapur isn't your normal Bollywood web series. From raw depiction of small UP towns, to violence and more, everything in this show is uncensored and how it actually happens.

It sure does not belong to the standards set by the conventional Hindi cinema that believes in censoring most of the unconventional ideas. 

Here are some scenes from Mirzapur 2 that CBFC would never allow to be streamed on TV.

1. When Shekhu Nai's assistant, Tauseef, slit open one of his customers' necks with a knife.

This is one hell of a gruseome murder scene from the show which we would never see in Bollywood movies.

2. When Beena stabs Satyanand Tripathi in the chest until his death.

It is not usual to see women stepping forward to kill men in conventional cinema. Towards the end of the show, Beena Tripathi (Rasika Dugal) comes forward to kill Bauji and stabs him in the chest multiple times.

3. When the CM's daughter, Madhuri Yadav and Munna Tripathi spend time smoking weed.

Mirzapur 2 not only normalised weed-smoking but also showed women doing that.

4. When Madhuri Yadav shares maal (weed) with Munna and tells him that she hasn't had sex in the last one and half years.

5. When Sharad, Munna and Bharat Tyagi use abusive language while making jokes about each others' families.

For a film industry where even minor offensive or abusive words are censored or muted, Mirzapur is definitely breaking the barriers. Every conversation in the series includes abusive language and in desi style.

6. When Imran Alam uses cuss words during his confrontation with Munna.

Imran Alam, the elderly uncle who was upset about being embarrassed in public by Munna in the first season, abuses Munna and his family when he confronts him in the second season.

7. When JP Yadav had group sex.

Hindi movies and shows have never talked about group sex. In Mirzapur 2, we see JP Yadav expressing his wish to have more than one sexual partners at a time and indulging in group sex.

8. When Golu calls Shatrughan Tyagi and asks if he would have sex with her.

The show normalises the fact that women can ask men for sex even without being emotionally attached to them.

9. When Golu asks Shatrughan Tyagi to hit her before sex.

Sexual fetishes like BDSM have rarely been openly accepted in the Indian cinema. Mirzapur 2 shows that women also have sexual fantasies and it's normal to ask for it.

10. When Bharat Tyagi jokes about Munna's mother and he enjoys it.

The way in which Hindi movies have depicted families making jokes about them seems to be too far-fetched. Mirzapur 2 shows Munna and friends enjoying such jokes.

11. When Satyanand Tripathi talks about benefiting from caste system with respect to Munna having physical relations with the CM's daughter.

The show has dialogues that display caste differences and their use for one's benefit.

12. When Inspector Maurya tortures Sharad's right hand man for days in the most inhumane conditions possible.

Torture and interrogation of suspects in India is very different from what we see in Hindi movies. Inspector Maurya's interrogation and torture of Sharad's right hand man, who is deaf and dumb, shows the ground reality.

While we do have some movies and shows that talk about all this and more, Mirzapur is the uncensored version we could watch because of no interference of the censor board.

It is surely not easy to sit through these scenes as we watch the series because of the disturbing graphics and language, but the fact remains that it is a lot closer to reality, however 'unsanskaari' it may seem.

All images are screenshots from Prime Video.