Scroll through any open female celeb’s Instagram account, and it’s filled with sloppy men writing their colourful sexual desires from anonymous accounts. And what’s ironic is that these men then go in public and moral-police women and blame them for ‘polluting minds’ minds with their ‘provocative clothing.’ Case in point: Uorfi Javed.

Popular Internet sensation, Uorfi, is famous for experimenting with her looks. However, almost all of the time, the self-proclaimed defenders of problematic morality troll and typecast her for ruining our Indian culture. Hypocrisy much? But, the actress knows how to give back to these baseless double standards.

Recently, the author Chetan Bhagat blamed Uorfi Javed for distracting youth at an event. He said, “Phone has been a great distraction for the youth, especially the boys, spending hours just watching Instagram Reels. Everyone knows who Uorfi Javed is… What will you do with her photos? Is it coming in your exams or you will go for a job interview and tell the interviewer that you know all her outfits?”

Calling out the author, the actress took to Instagram and criticised his comments.

Furthermore, she called him a pervert and shared the alleged 2018 WhatsApp messages of the author that got leaked during the MeToo movement.

Hailing the actress, Twitter is criticising Chetan Bhagat for his problematic comment.

Men: Stop blaming women for your own flaws. PERIOD.

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