Uorfi Javed is known for her unconventional fashion and creativity. She keeps experimenting with her looks and often comes up with quirky outfits. That said, she’s among the pages of some top publications and often trolled by slanderous critiques for her clothes. Hypocrisy much?

Javed recently shared a clip on Twitter that subtly called out Sadhguru’s homophobia and captioned it, “Someone go actually teach him about nature!”

Following this, a comedian who thought he was acting all cool- made a sexist troll out of this post. It’s jarring that people think it’s funny to make such derogatory comments about a woman. The fact that Javed is prone to such crappy sexist trolls she gave a firing reply to this ass. Have a look:

Tweeples come in support of Javed for calling out the mediocrity of this person.


It’s high time men learn to crack good funny jokes about women because this one is so poor and problematic!

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