Qala on Netflix is brilliant in many ways and has managed to impress the audience with its breathtaking music and impressive plot line. Helmed by Anvitaa Dutt, the film has captured emotional abuse, trauma, feminism, relationships, mental health issues, and the taste of success in a way that is aesthetically pleasing yet very intense to watch. The film features an ensemble cast of Tripti Dimri, Babil Khan, Swastika Mukherjee, and Varun Grover.

The story of Qala and her musical journey to seek her mother’s affection doesn’t end very well for her. She soon loses the ability to differentiate between dreams and reality. Following Qala’s suffocating life, Varun Grover as lyricist Majrooh is the comfort in her life.


We compiled a list of times when Varun Grover aka Majrooh’s presence and oh-so-amazing dialogues in Qala made our hearts melt.

1. The time he asks Qala to be real about how she feels.

We see Majrooh for the first time on screen in the recording studio, as he interacts with Qala. She looks tense and the two talk about how she is doing. This scene also depicts the comfort Qala shares with Majrooh. He sweetly corrects her accent for the word khairiyat and asks her not to bottle up her emotions.


2. When Majrooh doesn’t shy away from being himself.

Majrooh essays the role of a lyricist in the world of patriarchal male figures but he is nothing like them. He is progressive and his cameo is quite a revelation of its own. We see him sly his red nail paint in the film throughout and it looks wonderful.


3. When Majrooh asks her to raise her voice against the exploitation of producers.

Qala had a miserable journey to reach success in her career. She is also the victim of the casting couch at the beginning of her career. Here’s when Majrooh motivates her to speak up against it.


4. When he supports Qala during the time she is physically assaulted by a producer.

Throughout her journey, she left no stone unturned to win her mother’s love. It was hard to break the cycle of patriarchy and find a voice for herself. Majrooh gives hope to Qala that this time will change and the villains in her life will lose one day.


5. When Majrooh supports Qala in her first recording session.

During her first recording session in the studio, Qala seems anxious about her performance. Everyone else in the studio believes she is wasting their time and should leave. Majrooh stood for her and called out everyone’s behaviour, and asked them to give her a chance.


6. When the two jam on Majrooh’s lyrics amidst all the chaos in her life.

Even with less screen time, Varun, aka Majrooh, gave us an impactful performance. His dialogues had the depth to touch our souls, and we loved his presence in Qala’s life.


Not to mention, Shauq, written by Varun Grover for Qala, is a masterpiece. The lyrics of this song are ethereal. “Bikharne ka mujhko shauq hai bada / Sametoge mujhko, meri jaan zara?

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All images are screenshots from the film on Netflix.