As we’ve all heard through the grapevine, Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif are all set to tie the knot this month! Apparently they’re maintaining a load of privacy around the wedding (much like how they’ve maintained privacy around their relationship). 

India Today

And allegedly, the word around town is that their wedding guests will be given secret codes to keep the privacy levels up and running. Though even before we heard this enticing piece of news, there have been rumours around how their wedding guests may have to sign NDAs! And there have been reports about how none of their guests will be allowed to carry phones to the wedding. 


And now, reportedly, each of their guests will have secret codes which they’ll have to use even while checking into hotel rooms. Wow. Talk about valuing privacy, these two are really going hard at this. 


TBH I love people who are low-key and value their privacy.