Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif’s wedding was so heavenly that it rekindled our faith in fairy tales. And when the actors reveal photos from the wedding functions, we fall deeper in love, one picture at a time.

Even before the wedding, there was so much excitement about it that we couldn’t help but be curious about the details of every moment caught on the special day. And just now, we discovered Vicky Kaushal’s reaction to Katrina Kaif’s bridal entrance!

I mean, if the bride makes such a majestic entrance under a chadar carried by her sisters, looking absolutely unreal..

How could the groom keep himself from expressing that it’s his dream come true?

The wide smile and the love radiating from his eyes are enough proof that they were destined to be together! 

Matches are made in heaven but this couple’s love brought heaven on earth. 

You can see all the pictures of Katrina dolled up walking down the aisle here: