The love Desis have for Bollywood songs is just insane. And some Bollywood songs are so iconic that they legit pump our energy and mood. Remember Kaho na pyaar hai? And the catchy hook step it had? Well, the craze for this song has reached Hollywood now.

Comedian Lilly Singh once again grooved on a desi song, and this time, it is with Hailey Bieber. The two of them seemed to be enjoying themselves as they performed this iconic song. Have a look: 

The video has gone viral, and people have mixed feelings about this video. What do you think? Hailey passed the desi vibe check?

Lilly took to Instagram to share this reel and captioned it- “When you make a new friend… but they’re also a stunning model like hiiiii Hailey bieber.”

As someone rightly said, this is unbelieber!

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