After production was halted due to Covid-19, Tom Cruise recently began shooting again for Mission Impossible 7. 

And a video from the shoot of the film has leaked online that proves two things, Cruise is once again performing his own stunts, and MI:7 is going to be, legen-wait for it-dary! 

Because, the leaked video shows Cruise driving his bike off a cliffside ramp, with both the bike and Cruise jumping (more like falling) to the ground. 


Tom is followed by a helicopter as he drives off the cliffside ramp. As the bike heads to the ground, Cruise opens a parachute, accomplishing a safe landing and yet another seemingly impossible stunt. 


The video, which was initially shared by NRK, has now gone viral, and of course, Twitterati can’t get over how insane the whole sequence is. 

It may be called Mission Impossible, but when has that ever stopped Tom Cruise?