Vidyut Jammwal runs a lot. 

A lot.


He likes playing with people. 

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And he loves swinging completely filled gas cylinders. 

Yeah, no joke. He uploaded a video of himself playing with a gas cylinder as if it were made of thermocol and honestly, my muscles are aching just by looking at it. 

He also threw a challenge at people to do the same but no thanks, please, we are fine with our mediocrity.

This isn’t the only video of him doing crazy stuff, though. He keeps uploading such videos, every now and then. Like this one, where he breaks bricks with an egg in his hand which he keeps intact till the end.

Or this one, where he is doing an aasan with a guy standing on top.

Vidyut’s fans are called ‘Jammwalions’ and they follow him religiously.

Meanwhile, the only physical activity I am getting is the walk I do from the bed to the washroom.