More than a decade after it aired, this episode of Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai with Dr. Vijay Mallya gave us a rare peek into the otherwise flamboyant OTT life of Vijay Mallya. From talking about his childhood to how he chooses to raise his kids, he bared it all before things went downhill for the businessman. As we look back at it, here are a few moments that showed us something new about him:

1. When he shared that if he hadn’t been a businessman, he would have probably been a doctor because his grandfather was one. 

2. When he spoke of how his father always taught him to be a go-getter, even when he was a child. 

3. When childhood best friend revealed that Vijay once missed play practice because he said had to get a haircut at the Taj in Bombay. But it had actually been for a meeting at his father’s company. 

4. When we found out the Vijay had been an active part of theatre and enjoyed acting. 

5. When Nafisa Ali revealed that she was a jockey and Vijay and her shared a love for horses. 

6. When Atul Kasbekar and Rohit Bal shared the impact Vijay Mallya had on Indian fashion with the Kingfisher calendar and fashion awards. 

7. When he shared that he believes in spoiling his children, as long as they grow up with the right values. 

8. When Vijay shared the story of how he brought back the sword of Tipu Sultan to India after bidding for it at an auction. Which – fun fact, he gave away a few years later because he believed it gave him back luck. 

9. When he spoke of the pressure he faced after the death of his father and the way that the media wrote about him. 

Watch the full episode here:

All images are screenshots from the interview on YouTube.