If you’re not living under a rock, then Yashraj Mukhate’s Kokila Ben Mashup is something you would’ve come across at least once while scrolling through your social media platforms. (or 10000 times in our case) 

But this mashup is literally everywhere on social media for a reason.  

That reason is that this ‘tum thi, main tha’ mashup totally gets stuck in one’s head.   

So, looks like Michelin star chef, Vikas Khanna like everyone else, wasn’t immune to this song and couldn’t help but talk about this popular mashup.   

In a tweet, the chef mentioned how cooker ki seeti and cooking chane would be super difficult for him without thinking about this song. 

Honestly, we’re not going to blame him cuz we totally feel him. Cooker mein chane banana has a whole new meaning now thanks to Kokila ben.