Every Indian who has travelled by air has some memories associated with Air India, the largest airline carrier in India. It has been in existence for decades now and given cherishable experiences to generations.

From hospitality to interiors and showcasing Indian culture, Air India is known for many things. But today we’ll revisit some of its old advertisements.

1. An ad for return tickets from India to Paris back in 1973.

2. Zeenat Aman as the poster girl for Air India.


3. New York to Bombay

4. Another Air India advertisment from the 1980s for executive class travel.

5. This one’s another ad fom the 1960s when Air India had offices across 6 continents.

6. An ad featuring an Air India representative in a saree as a part of rebranding.

India Today

7. An American ad for travel to London on Air India.

Aviation Explorer

8. An ad for comfortable international travel.


9. Another Air India international ad based on luxurious travel offers by the airline.


10. Flying on Air India international was apparently an unforgettable experience.


11. Air hostesses were popular on Air India print advertisements back then.


12. Ads putting the Maharajah to use.

13. Video advertisement showing the welcome by air hostesses.

14. Remember this ‘Around the world’ ad?

15. This one’s not really an old advertisement but was quite popular in the 90s.

How many of these you already knew about?