Do you miss the wacky magazine covers you used to look forward to every month? The sheer excitement of not knowing who would be on the next cover, the gossip that would be inside and the movies you’ll be looking forward to. The good ol’ days indeed. 

Here are 20 vintage magazine covers featuring Bollywood’s biggest stars, that’ll leave you feeling nostalgic:

1. This SRK magazine cover from 1996 reminds us why we had a huge crush on him. 

2. These two deserve their own film opposite each other. 

3. Everything about this cover is questionable. 

4. Akshay Kumar and magazine covers don’t go well together. Do they?


5. The gossip headlines on this cover are just appauling!

6. I really want a sneak-peek into the gossip that was inside this 1992 magazine. 

7. Lord Bobby and Queen Aishwarya, remember when they ruled Bollywood?

8. The resemblance is uncanny. 

9. Who told them this combination was a good idea?

10. Always cute, this pair needs to do more movies together. 

11. Bollywood was way more happening when these two were on magazine covers. 

12. Two leading ladies we absolutely loved!

13. Throwback to the time when it was okay to have cigars on magazine covers.

14. What an unexpected duo!

15. 21 years since this magazine cover and we’re still smitten with these two. 

16. That’s quite a creative cover. 

17. Too gorgeous to be paired together. 

18. They’re really killing the retro grunge look. 

19. How cute are they!

20. Did this cover predict Koi… Mil Gaya

Which magazine cover is your favourite?