What’s the first thing you’re going to do after the lockdown ends? 

A question for which every single person would have an answer to, but when comedian-actor Vir Das asks this in his lockdown comedy show, it hits on another level.   

Das has been quite active during these difficult lockdown times. The comedian has not only ensured that his fans don’t miss him, but he also did over 30 virtual stand-up shows on Zoom between March – June for which his fans from across the globe bought tickets.

But the comedian-actor didn’t stop there. He has collated excerpts and some BTS snippets from these shows and created a first-of-its-kind lockdown crowd work show called Inside Out. The special is an unscripted conversational series and it was an impromptu comedy which came into existence from his chats with his audiences. 

About the show, Das said

Week on week the encouraging response kept pouring in and we knew there was enough material to make a special. We recorded all the virtual shows in advance and it’s turned out quite interesting. I decided to talk about our collective fears and give it a light touch. In such times when we don’t know when we can do our next physical gig or shoot for a special, we thought this was a good way of changing with the changing times. This isn’t the new normal honestly but this is a novel alternative, for now. 

But this is not the only good part of his virtual shows. All proceeds from each show were directed to different charity organisations. In fact, the proceeds for Inside Out will also be used for Covid-19 relief work.  

The international audiences will pay a minimum USD 1 per viewing whereas his Indian audiences will pay INR 30 per viewing.  

In addition to capturing a really weird period in our lives, Inside Out makes one laugh, brings in a sense of togetherness all while helping people affected by this pandemic. 

You can watch the show exclusively on Vir Das’s official page

Watch the trailer here. 

Al images are sourced from the trailer.