People with humble beginnings always remember the times when they did menial jobs to get through the night without an empty stomach. A job that didn’t pay much but kept the boat floating as they struggled to pursue their true passions, and achieve that one goal that gives them a purpose in life.  

One such person is Vir Das, popular comedian and actor. He is among the few people in Bollywood who never had a Godfather to teach them the ropes of the industry. Instead, he paved his own path. And he’s done exceedingly well for himself.


In a beautiful and inspiring post on Facebook, Vir Das shared how he was once a doorman at the Grand Lux Cafe in Chicago, and how this time he went there to perform instead. What a beautiful note it is. 

When life comes full circle, you know the struggles you have been through were worth it. 

Vir Das, your story is truly inspiring for millions out there who struggle to fulfill their dreams.