There are not many people who’d associate the word special with a pandemic. Then again, there aren’t many comics like Vir Das, who’d turn multiple crowd-work stand-up shows, shot over zoom calls during the lockdown, into a Netflix special unlike any other we’ve ever seen before. But that’s exactly what Das does with Outside In, his latest Netflix special.  

That’s the thing about the entire world going through the same thing at the same time. I guess it’s special. 

As India went into lockdown, artists across industries took to social media platforms to connect with their audience. Das went a step further and organized 30 unscripted stand-up shows for charity, with the view of spreading a little cheer and helping out where he could. 

Compiled together, these stand-up shows have ghost stories, break-ups, food discussions, and even a baby, accompanied by Vir’s ever-ready wit and personal anecdotes. 

Heartwarming, emotional, engaging, and undoubtedly hilarious, Das’ Outside In is a novel way of looking at the year that went by, and here are some of the most amazing moments from the show:

1. When he nailed the real-problem that Indians have with Covid-19. 

2. When he had the perfect observation about Indian politicians wearing masks. 

3. When he reminded everyone why it was important to hold on to that optimistic feeling about what the future holds. 

4. When he reminded the ‘gamer generation’ to take their multi-vitamins because let’s face it, those gaming sessions aren’t exactly building immunity. 

5. When he had the perfect description for UAE. 

6. When he had the perfect explanation for why foreigners love ‘Bhangra’. 

7. When he emotionally summed up his experience of conducting the stand-up shows during the lockdown, thanking people for the very thing he’s been gifting the audience for years – laughter. 

Some of you may have been part of those shows. Some of you may have seen some of the shows through the special Das earlier released on his official page. And some of you, like yours truly, can catch the special on Netflix and look back at the last year with the multiple lockdowns with a fresh perspective – one that allows you to be thankful for the fact that at least you weren’t the one caught taking a dump during a comedy show! 

All images are screenshots from the special currently streaming on Netflix.